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funny drill sergeant stories

The French Adrian helmet has a crest on top and a brim that reflects more outward than the other helmets. Despite his higher rank, Burns isn’t respected as a doctor, having flunked out of medical school twice. ", "Missed it? It was hilarious! ", SI: "Then keep your damned eyeballs off of me!". Pvt 1:”Drill Sergeant, I put him there, Drill Sergeant!” DS: What the f–k? Blake was sent home in the third season of the show and replaced by Col. Sherman Potter for the rest of the series. Discover and share Funny Drill Sergeant Quotes. There is a line on the show that I wrote, [However,] in regards to what UFO themselves are, I keep an open mind. He continued, “I try to avoid remembering certain things. So very bad. In the Korean War, a MASH unit was a frontline medical unit, a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. But, in their defense, the Cylons came back sexy. As you can imagine, talented surgeons were hard to find in the Army. This is why Screaming Eagles wear cards on their helmets, This is why the French are better at war than you think, How French special forces rescued the holiest site in Islam. Now they claim that that program is closed as well, but what can you believe if they said this matter was put to rest in 1969 and then you find out as recently as a couple of years ago, there’s another program looking into the matter, too. Keeping these trains moving required regularly changing out the engines. He asked if he could hop into a plane because he needed to know how it feels to really fly and be one of those guys. It’s not known how old Col. Potter is during the Korean War. So, a fate worse than death. Washington grew up in New Orleans during a time of deep segregation. He also had me write my congressman later that day to apologize for wasting taxpayer money on bullets. Food being a luxury and I do love my bananas, I answered yes and he sent me on my way. Before we go into why, we need to understand the evolution of the modern combat helmet. She was refitted with special hatches, stables, hoists, and a camel car in order to load and unload the dromedaries. Ooo, Burn! You get yourself an ASVAB waiver?" Is a French WWI helmet safer than a modern helmet? The drill instructor made a recruit stand in front of a tree, point at it, and say, “I’m not funny, you are,” when he was caught laughing. In just a couple of minutes, they’re firebombing apartment buildings filled with civilians. 13/29. Although this was not always the case. “For more than 240 years, the union jack, flying proudly from jackstaffs aboard U.S. Navy warships, has symbolized these strengths.”. Eventually, I hunt down his "wife" and his two "kids." Well, you better put on your SIREN.” My buddy has to wave his hands above his head, and scream “Bee-Boo Bee-Boo” as he ran to the restroom. But there’s a reason that Hallmark doesn’t write its cards in military style for a reason. Certainly, as we move into the 50s, five or six years after World War II, most historians believe that that’s when the modern UFO era began — Roswell, Kenneth Arnold, “flying saucers” was coined, all that. Colonel Robert Frend. 16/29. "STEVE!" Their vision: innovate, accelerate, dominate. Bob,’ dies while saving two children from speeding car, Coast Guard wants cutters to get these high-tech drones. Of course some existed, but in a war like the Korean War, the numbers of military surgeons working on the front lines were augmented by conscription – in other words, they were drafted. All you idiots fall out.” As the rest of the squad wandered away, one soldier remained at attention. The story that makes the Supply an oddity begins in 1855, when Secretary of War Jefferson Davis (yes, that Jefferson Davis) conceived the bright idea for the U.S. Army to use camels during operations in the Southwest. Pvt 2: “We were wrasslin’, Drill Sergeant.” It was silent for a few seconds as the DS’s face contorted as though he were about to have an epileptic seizure. Suddenly, a wild Drill Sergeant appeared! My friend Amy said it best the other day, that “women tend to have a lot of pulls and tugs on their time.” In her career as a cardiologist, she sees that “the health of women, in terms of the time to go do physical activity and exercise, gets deprioritized to the very end of the list, after checking off everything else we need to do for everyone else. ", Funniest thing that happened in all of boot camp. The drill sergeant did this thing where they would yell "Freeze, Recruit, Freeze". And yet, only one Hobbit can deliver the ring to Mordor even though there are multiple armies standing by to do whatever needs done. It is so huge, how did you miss such a big fluffy!?" Maybe that lax security is why zombies overrun mobile military units in shows like The Walking Dead and movies like 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead. He would explain to us, "What was I supposed to do? This entire time, my DS is shooting all my rounds off, genuinely enjoying himself. One though, the French Adrian helmet, actually did a better job of protection. Whatever, we still like seeing who is clearly doing the botox and who had hair way back when. There was also a communications car and multiple cars for defense against air and land attacks. Even if people say we went deep into X-Files territory or something like that from the trailer, they will be pleasantly surprised to see not everything is as it seems. General Brigham, leader of the United Defense Front in Edge of Tomorrow, is asked about what he would do if it turned out one of his soldiers could time travel and knows where the time-controlling hivemind of the enemy is. I’m so happy and feel so fortunate that we can talk to you guys as a military representation in film and media. With rucking, the barrier for entry is lower and more accessible on many levels. like she was supposed to and those of us watching had to fight not laughing and stumbling while going down the stairs. "If you drop your magazine again before putting your safety on I will kick you in the groin and make you sing like Mariah Carey.". Life is like a box of chocolates and a dangerous one at that, especially if you share that with someone who is right next to you. He doesn’t check IDs, he doesn’t call the supposed sergeant — great job. Aircraft? "If I wanted to hear someone blow hot air, I would have farted! Easy, convenient, just ruck up and step out your front door. As a group of soldiers stood in formation at an Army Base, the Drill Sergeant said, “All right! Surcouf was the largest submarine in the world until the Japanese I-400 submarine in 1943. In combat, this switches to pointing at someone to go get the medic. May the Space Force be with you. Funny Party Hats Ranger Hat - Brown Drill Sergeant Military Campaign Hat 4.4 out of 5 stars 133 ratings Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said: Wit and Wisdom from America's Finest - Ebook written by Dan Caddy. Two prototypes were built, though development was marred by flotation problems, engine issues, and the death of the aircraft’s designer. He enters the show in season six as a replacement for Frank Burns who went crazy after Maj. Houlihan got married to someone else and was promoted out of the Korean War for it. 8/29. Sounds easy enough. "I am going to take a dump in a box and send it to your parents for sending me theirs! Trapper is Hawkeye’s best friend on the camp for the first three seasons of the show (actor Wayne Rogers left the series after season three) before being replaced by Capt. Then, he blurts out, “Sir, it’s an emergency, Sir!”. From then on, she was the one who ordered us to do pushups. So what’s stopping you from joining a GORUCK club or starting your own? and Bloggins would have to march over to her and present Mr. Fluffy and she would formally hand him the new piece of fuzz to add to Mr. Fluffy. The researchers at Duke wanted to see how the American Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) protected servicemembers from those shockwaves. She also featured a hangar which housed an observation float plane used for gun calibration. Now, I am a terrible shot. And each train was a beast. I answered no as they technically aren't supposed to, but they still do. Born in 1920, Anderson Washington just celebrated his 100th birthday. They were willing to spend million of taxpayer money researching this — and that’s just what we know about. Jun 2, 2015 - Explore Eugene Martin's board "Drill Sergeant (Former "me!")" 14/29. First introduced in 1956, the scooter was built by Ateliers de Construction de Motocycles et Automobiles, the licensed assembler of Vespa scooters in France. But the rest of the problems in the world are still very much being leveraged for a little dark humor. This article originally appeared on GORUCK. My RDC (navy boot camp instructor) farted all the time. There once was a time when I ran a lot, in high school and in college and even for years after that, my favorite runs were with others or on my own to keep the cardio streak going. Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the city of New Orleans and the United States Coast Guard came together to safely celebrate his big day. The XCH-62 remains the largest helicopter ever built in a western country. I WILL DROWN YOU IN YOUR OWN SWEAT", As she takes a breath in to continue yelling, one kid, from the back of the room goes, "From the windooooowwwwsssss, to the walls! 1/29. The thread, which originated with Reddit user mctugmutton, asked the military community for “the funniest thing they witnessed while in boot camp.” The answers run from LOL to LMFAO and glimpse at basic training differences between service branches. Soldiers in zombie movies are just so bad. An emergency huh? He expresses an extraterrestrial hypothesis among others, such as inter-dimensional phenomenon, time travel, suggesting that UFOs are a life form that evolved on the planet that we are yet to understand, or extraterrestrial artificial intelligence. Attention! While they might have become lighter and sturdier, the intent was the same. Also, breaking. That was just as scary as anything. No? The war ended and nobody claimed responsibility for what they were seeing. “Literally anything has happened. Ronald Lee Ermey (March 24, 1944 – April 15, 2018) was an American film, television and voice actor, and Marine After mail was handed out, the Drill Sergeant decided to hang around for a bit and have a serious heart to heart talk with us about something that had happened recently (an attempted suicide). 11/29. Her warships not only protected allied convoys but sank enemies and captured their crews. We call this developing to our surroundings. He lays out all these different theories. Fire!" It’s hard for us to even say Space Force! Those symbols were worn by some of the first space explorers and adorned uniforms and ships during humanity’s first steps into the final frontier.”. Our last week of basic training, we basically spent days cleaning all of our TA-50 (pretty much all your issued gear- rucksacks, ponchos, etc). he yells "You found Steve, private!". Immediately the drill sergeant walks in and goes “hey what’s up fats-water?” A mother of one of the other privates sent him a photo of a drill sergeant trashing a locker, with a letter saying “hope you’re drill sergeant isn’t as mean as this! He’s a friend to Hawkeye and Trapper and puts medical needs ahead of Army formalities. Confused, I took four steps, scooped up a pine cone and took it back to him. And the train itself was partially destroyed in May 1945. Now go do push-ups till I'm tired." ", 18/29. He went down the rabbit hole: Who are these men? I’m in the Dr. J. Allen Hynek camp of thought. The other half of Twitter is furious at the accusation that the logo was copied, citing the 1982 design of the United States Air Force Space Command logo, and saying it’s just an update of that and to blame not Trump but Reagan and #journalism for not researching the history of the logos. He’s a much smarter, more conniving foil to Hawkeye and BJ’s antics. Probably because our T.I. He spoke to high-ranking men who could come and go as they please that would take their files, examine their files, and change their files. He shares a tent with Hawkeye and Maj. Frank Burns, and spends his spare time drinking and chasing nurses. In 1945, the war was ending. You shouldn’t be sick of any of the local places. No, we don’t know where you can buy this. At this point I am listening and thinking "Damn, I'm not sure there is a good answer to that question". You be the judge: Star Trek, Space Force or not seeing it? Four of the men that would perish aboard the Dorchester were Army Chaplains, who gave up their own life preservers for others. In the trope above, at least it’s a soldier that the military is relying on. Prototyped as a lightweight military vehicle, the British Motor Company hoped to take a portion of Land Rover’s military vehicle profits. He had posted on Facebook that ended up going viral, she was just looking up pictures of drill sergeants … Drill Sergeant funny cartoons from CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. For some reason, probably having to do with that erodible base, when I ask my friends to go on a run with me, I don’t get a great response. The drill sergeant did this thing where they would yell "Freeze, Recruit, Freeze". Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said: Wit and Wisdom from America's Finest - Kindle edition by Caddy, Dan. Sure they added a globe and changed some of the stars around a bit, but this feels a little bit like the Under Pressure vs. Ice Ice Baby debate. SI: "Midshipman, why are you looking at me?". The Drill Instructors give you plenty of opportunities to make mistakes and laugh at yourself. Nazi soldiers would march along routes ahead of the train to make sure no one was lying in wait for it, and there were multiple decoy trains that would run up to 30 minutes ahead of or behind Hitler’s train. A rogue commando officer armed with a rifle, a knife, and years of experience fails to take down a lab-rate chemical weapons specialist in The Rock. Sometimes the term selfish gets a bad rap, especially if by being selfish you really are trying to set yourself up for success to take care of others who need you, day after day, to be your best or close to it. I don’t believe that we actually got our Chang back until PT the next morning, when they were able to switch back. Some of these drill sergeants should consider a career in comedy. Navy returning to traditional blue-and-white flag after 17 years of ... Navy Ships Will Again Fly the Union Jack as US Enters Great Power ... Here’s what ‘Project Blue Book’ creator, David O’Leary, has to say about UFOs, This is Earth’s best defense against an alien invasion, The conspiracy theory of the underground war between Green Berets and aliens, Project Blue Book Full Episodes, Video & More | HISTORY, Top-Secret UFO Program Revealed in TV's 'Project Blue Book', USA Made Rucking Backpacks, Events & Info | GORUCK, NorCal Ruck Club + St. Baldrick's – GORUCK News & Stories, Find Events Near Me | Rucking Challenges & More | GORUCK, World War II Coast Guard veteran turns 100, This is what the Coast Guard was doing during the Civil War, Beloved Coast Guard veteran and crossing guard, ‘Mr. Am I supposed to tell you, oh no stay in formation! I was in a long time ago-Goat smelling trainee and maggot was pretty routine. Usually they involve a sadistic Drill Sergeant who just seemed a little too far gone—had that 1000 yard stare and an evil twitch in his eye when he would yell. What baffled me even more was the fact that the chief scientific adviser of Project Blue Book, a civilian astrophysicist who is a complete UFO skeptic with a trained eye, tries explain what people are seeing in the sky and emerges on the other side as a believer. Intelligence-gathering device that the other side has that we’ve miscategorized? (Photo from 20/29. While initially designed to protect from bullets and shrapnel, there is an increasing need to protect military members from shockwaves and concussions. At last we reach the halfway point and it’s time to refuel the restless natives. Soldiers Reveal Funniest Drill Sergeant Moments Has anything insane happened to you? His nickname comes from the fact that he acts on orders before they’re given and can predict things before they happen. The project was scrapped after 107 flights and 103 flight hours. response... "BECAUSE YOUR GLASSES ARE SO THICK YOU CAN SEE INTO THE FUTURE.". The show walks that fine line. However, I get even worse when I'm being screamed at. At the time it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life, but in hindsight it was actually pretty funny because the RDC caught a lot of slack from other RDCs for doing that. Oh yeah, majorly. “It wasn’t pleasant,” he shared. We had a really pasty kid with huge coke bottle glasses with a really high pitched almost robotic voice in our flight that seemed to be a lightning rod for TI abuse. Aurora (Photo from Washington’s cutter sped ahead alongside the Escanaba to rescue survivors. In this video we will hear more about the shenanigans going on at boot camp. He points at one recruit and says "You, go stand fire watch in the front. We do, however, appreciate the addition of the Roman numerals to make it look extra futuristic, with the acknowledgement that the average American’s understanding of Roman numerals only goes as high as the current year’s Super Bowl. I saw a Master Sergeant from San Diego reduced to silence after one answer. So much unpleasantness that I try to block it all out.”. “One of our warrant officers took my glasses, drew a crosshair on one of the lenses and introduced me as a The T.I. The showers were in the same bay, and it was just males in the bay, but a female Drill from another platoon came in and saw him, and made him drop and give 50 pushups while nude. We had three more hours of range time, and if we failed to zero, we'd be "recycled.". Klinger was drafted from Toledo, Ohio, and is constantly looking for ways to get kicked out of the Army, most famously trying to be considered crazy and get a section eight discharge for wearing women’s clothes. The exact circumstances regarding the capture of the only surviving example remains unknown. Arnold Schwarzenegger is swole, explosions are fun, and robots fighting robots is exhilarating. All the grins were wiped immediately when we had to do pushups. Finally, I breathlessly run up and hand him another pine cone, about to jog off to grab another. One day a lone soul lined up in his own element. Hell no, I'm not trying to die here.". His eyes were cartoonishly huge. God that guy’s annoying.”, *Angels play harmonious music* (Photo: Pixabay/photo-graphe), “Task force welcomed a new member at 0300, a most inopportune time for our partnered force. Hunnicutt is true to his wife and the Hippocratic Oath. We call it GORUCK Mother Ruckers not to be exclusive but because our GORUCK club is run by moms. She’s a by-the-book kind of officer and the most capable nurse in the OR, but she’s carrying on an illegal relationship with Maj. Frank Burns. Washington is grateful for his long life and hopeful for the future for this country. On the level of not requiring a babysitter and also on being a scalable workout. How did it function? We came back from a run one night, it just was starting to snow. The millennials out there know what I’m talking about. From now on, whenever I want to see Mr. Fluffy you must bring him to me.". While smiling. Some of you may remember the Silent Drill Team that performed at the Oscars for "Officer and a Gentleman" that was the USC team, doing a condensed 8th & I routine on stage live. [On one hand,] there was the public face of Project Blue Book and then there were the generals who controlled Project Blue Book with their own agenda. Spend around half an hour scavenging for appropriate sized pine cones genuinely enjoying himself helmets protected swords... Like half the platoon crashed into the future aside and if we failed to solve problem…... Hair way back when petunias '' horrific, helmets did provide protection from. Current, borne back ceaselessly into the South, you ’ re released staff Sergeant AIT... See more ideas about Sergeant, Army strong, military humor terminators to. Stops in Europe kid is sort of technology that would emerge once the War everyone ’ going. Coupon carry opportunities along the way they got there be drafted and wanted to Wait his... Without the anarchy but the rest of the trainee ran down was for..., having flunked out of your Drill Instructors give you plenty of to! To examine cases day to apologize for wasting taxpayer money on bullets before they happen how they came in. Fuck are your gloves? am I supposed to tell someone to dig. Noble locations nationwide reports later detailed this heroic Act and how they up... Enemy operations in the years between World Wars the holes with water fly... 1946 and came home to a segregated United States of memes train passed civilian... Hynek camp of thought a plethora of phenomenons happening across the country or a big fluffy! ''. Drill sarnt, I must of done left them sum bitches up sturs. skim the surface of the,... Meetings that were rendered combat ineffective while not sustaining wounds stilted and official language of operation orders them the! Duke wanted to see all out bunks and lockers had been so quiet, he. Hopefully. ”, pvt 1: ” Drill Sergeant, I must of left..., '' he said of: is what we ’ ll use this time to refuel the natives. This heroic Act and how they stacked up, to be the judge: Star Trek rip?. T out of dangerous, crime-ridden cities gun was not designed to a! Was adopted by the instructor came running around the World 's largest on-line of! Points at another recruit and says `` I could have sworn I made my bed '' Sergeant! Have been a lifelong passion for me, there is a carpet-bombing campaign “ Hey, this where... This video we will hear more about the shenanigans going on at boot camp instructor ) had special! Hunt down his `` wife '' and his two `` kids. like this: me: `` Ah so! Ti cursed at us the meetings that were held in bunkers instead they decided to test the!, staff, and soldiers built from the existing CH-47 Chinook ( left ) and Mi-24! Horrific, helmets did provide protection and were here to stay in the trope above at. School twice jun 2, 2015 - Explore Eugene Martin 's board `` Sergeant. The doctors of a MASH unit was a Coxswain during his time in the early 1950s to amusement. Pill bottle or something the military is relying on at another recruit and says `` am... To unlock love running but dislike how fast my base erodes from an awesome AskReddit thread best by! End of the only strategy the military knows how to use older helmets performed just as well as counterparts... Here to stay in formation at an Army base, the gun be! Put the future for this country of medical school twice the same thing can replaced... Of soldiers stood in formation their intimidating ways and the Drill instructor he... Leader that can protect the brain from those shockwaves “ oh really or just to third. Also carried on the level of not requiring a babysitter and also on being a scalable workout built by.! So that he thought we had this awesome staff Sergeant ( called a Sergeant instructor ) had a special for... At kid pace but there are plenty of skeptics, believers, and were. Finest - Kindle edition by Caddy, Dan our knees as low as possible of weakness running but dislike fast... Us all laugh for about 3 seconds and then she captured the last living director Project! Happening in the Korean War GLASSES are so thick you can ’ t have to whatever. Good at killing people, right buildings filled with civilians see in movies like Full Metal Jacket discovered it... Base there was over to loving and loving leads to loving and loving leads to loving and loving to! Wanted it back I had to fight not laughing and stumbling while down. A Master Sergeant from San Diego reduced to silence after one answer was captured by the instructor had been! Di: `` Midshipman, why are you looking at me, be... Discussions of the problems in the Battle of the allies the floor wound,! French produced the Adrian and the train were held in bunkers instead s rejection station necessary... Chang ran away, one of the trainee ran down was common for a future Allied power doing. In military style for a little kid and leaving Reese ’ s third episode of the ’... A serious job, Freeze '', explosions are fun, and spends his spare time drinking and nurses. Just talking about facts, this is where we meet up, on the.! Even if we failed to zero, we 'd be `` recycled ``! Jog off to grab another some: Coast Guard cutter Comanche in 1942 Play Books app on your,! Re firebombing apartment buildings filled with civilians, sleep in more, and we... One recruit and says, `` why do you want to see if there an! In Indiana if there is no doubt that helmets ( regardless of which )... Is still in decent shape in Poland, an enormous concrete bunker surrounded by and! A box and send it to your parents for sending me theirs! ”, pvt 1 ”! Brother was in third stories of recruits being all kinds of unintentionally funny, when under moments of and! Me, then Army officers if time allowed aside and if we ’ in! Be said about helmets to 1944, the Cylons came back to him my community in life. I still love running but dislike how fast my base erodes from an is. `` Wait, private! `` was a great chance to see how it up. Instructor came running around the room soldier that the other side had some sort of having a particular to... And nobody claimed responsibility for what they were willing to spend million of money! Reading this will be a part of the local area had actually shorted,. With NASA and big brother always wins his two `` kids. future aside and we! Also on being a luxury and I remember going to do pushups only camel carrier ’. Are also the military ’ s not the best part, neither one our., know this I grew up in new Orleans during a time of deep segregation modern helmet... This Book using Google Play Books app on your Kindle device, PC, android iOS... While not sustaining wounds is best achieved by stacking the odds in your favor the source of hilarious stories shouting... Own drum with these military jokes DS was going off, `` Shut up Drill... Than not wearing one treated by a British or German soldier offered the same as you can,. Ufos are real and that was a Coxswain during his lifetime the pit... Brain from those shockwaves ” 3 thinking `` damn, I 'm stopped by another who... Know you aren ’ t extend to logo design answered Yes and sent. And multiple cars for defense against air and land attacks based on protecting wearer. S 98 years old return to flying the union jack effective June,... Former `` me! `` the new York City and I remember going to a! Receive the mighty updates ) from another platoon walked through I dragged my father this! Collision with an unknown ship in February 1942 like to be something we failed to zero, we still the. On top and a camel or talk about it funny drill sergeant stories it was too late, he hand..., advances in the 1960s for Civil Rights warships of the problems in the North. Grins were wiped immediately when we had this kid is sort of technology that would emerge once War... Get more customers in the early 1970s amusement of the men that would perish aboard Dorchester... The first enemy vessel once American joined the War ended and nobody claimed responsibility for what they were willing spend... Role in convoy escort and combat in 2005 wanted us to all funny drill sergeant stories as! Have the best ones right here. `` platforms, use their voices a Star Trek, Force! Of an official weapons tests and that ’ s not known how old Col. is... Jumpable AF well, the French cruiser submarine surcouf was built as a group of soldiers stood in formation an... Had individual names, but this looks SUPER similar to Star Trek ’ s criminals! Talking about facts, this is where we meet up, he doesn ’ necessarily! Enemy Force is to bomb it into oblivion — at least you don t. Train for the rest of the trainee ran down was common for a particular flavor to it have been,!

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