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flathead catfish hooks

After years of struggling to find the “perfect” circle hook that had all of the features I needed as a catfish angler, I teamed up with Whisker Seeker Tackle to build my own line of “hybrid” circle hooks, the Triple Threat Catfish Hook. Once you’ve got a good cast net make sure you, Every time you put a fish in the ice chest or live well, you push the button on the, 5/0 Team Catfish Double Action Circle Hooks, Silica Gel Packets (Absorbs moisture and prevents rust), The box used for the overflow tackle is a. is my “go-to” sunglass for fishing and everyday wear. jan. Keeping your bait in a Ziplock bag is the simplest way to keep it cool and from coming into direct contact with the ice in your bait cooler. I’m really intrigued the catfish lures and have an idea for using them on a fairly swift current river we fish. If the hook gap isn’t open or isn’t large enough the hook will slide right out of the fishes mouth. Hi Chad; Eagle Claw owns the rights to the name Kahle so my question is a wide gap hook like Team Catfish Wide gap hook about the same.. thank you. Most landing nets on the market are geared towards bass fishermen or anglers who target smaller fish. The worst part is typically having cold hands. It’s traditionally clear fishing line so it also helps offset any concerns about the use of hi-visibility fishing lines. That’s not a knock on Academy. Unfortunately flathead do have sharp, raspy teeth that can rub through light line. Hook gauges are denoted with a … You shouldn’t have a need for huge varieties of sinker styles and sizes in your tackle box. If you’re interested in catching a mess of catfish to keep and eat, try focusing on smaller flatheads, up to 10 pounds, which are much more common and easy to catch. Because of the way the circle hook functions it’s essential that the gap of the hook remain open. The 8/0 Whisker Seeker Tackle Triple Threat Catfish Hook is a great all-around flathead catfish hook. In addition, you’ll probably want a way to transport a few fillets home from the lake or river now and then. You’ll want to wear these items whether it’s raining or not when fishing in colder weather. For storing food and drinks, I prefer a 55-quart cooler and if I am putting fish directly into a cooler then a 100 to 150-quart cooler is ideal. Many coolers have lids that are not attached and this is a recipe for disaster when transporting them in the beds of trucks and on boats. There are days where the fish are very active and you won’t see a significant difference with rigs using rattles and those that don’t. This in addition to being a very comfortable, durable pair of sunglasses. When fishing for channel catfish I focus on catching numbers of fish most often and not large channel catfish. If you’d like something a little more high tech (and waterproof) for taking awesome pictures and video then GoPro Hero cameras are the best. but also provides an easy way to weigh these fish by simply latching the grip on their mouth and then attaching the scale to the grips. What you need this for: Removing hooks from fish, straightening or offsetting hooks, emergency repairs, you name it. Also now that we are retired I fish lake above Blairsville Ga. for catfish. I now live I Williamsburg VA and fish near the Ferry’s. With high visibility fishing line you can easily see your lines and constantly monitor them, not only for a tight line but also for an alert that will help you land your next fish. Check out how to clean a catfish in 15 seconds for more details. Insulated Gore-Tex boots help cut the cold and make sure your feet stay warm and dry all day long. Despite the presence of tackle and sporting goods stores it is still very difficult to find the catfish tackle items I need and when stores do have them they rarely have enough in stock to last me a week. You’ll pay more upfront for a heavy-duty five-day cooler like the Brute Outdoors Cooler but will save money in the long run. and won’t ever need is growing by the day. Circle hooks can work well with channel catfish that are biting aggressive and the channel catfish are larger. Using a circle hook that’s too small is one of the biggest mistakes anglers make when targeting catfish with circle hooks for the first time. The Ranger “Big Game” Landing Net  has the following specifications: Best of all this net is available from Amazon and ships free with two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. When fishing for channel catfish I always use the minimal amount of weight possible, which is a very small split shot. This hook can be easily hidden in a ball of dough bait and still fished for the hungry catfish. Following you’ll find all of the basic catfish tackle items you need and nothing you don’t, as well as an explanation of these items and how, when and why you’ll use them. Years ago I kept hearing catfish anglers praise circle hooks. Here’s what I keep in my bulk storage box: The box used for the overflow tackle is a Plano Deep Dry Storage Box. Every time you put a fish in the ice chest or live well, you push the button on the tally counter to keep track of the number of fish kept or caught and you have a good running total to refer back to. Many anglers who are keeping catfish for the dinner table also prefer to put their fish directly on ice in a cooler instead of on a stringer or in a live well. Nice to sharpen up the bait knife when needed also. Take the squares and insert the shank of the treble hook through the sponge and tie the hook on your line. Sinker slides also provide a quick and easy way for you to remove weights when you’re done fishing. What you need this for: Cleaning your hands after handling bait and fish, wiping up messes and wiping shad slime and scales off of your gear. The area where I live (Dallas/Fort Worth) is ranked in the top 10 largest metropolitan area in the United States and there are tackle and sporting good stores everywhere. They do an excellent job taking the glare off the water and are very clear. Simply fill the cord or shoestring with your desired weight, melt the ends with a lighter and smash them closed while they’re hot. With Amazon Prime you pay $79 for a one year membership and you get free shipping on all Amazon Prime eligible items. You’ll want something that will not only keep your feet warm, but will also keep them dry. Gavin, Your email address will not be published. Neck gaiters can be worn many different ways but I typically use it as a sun guard to protect my neck, face and the back of my head. Serve as a “shock absorber” for the fishing line. https://www.catfishedge.com/catfish-rigs/. You’ll need a spool of braided nylon trotline twine. It is cheaper to buy a bulk pack of 100 peg floats (for Santee Cooper Rigs) than buying small consumer packages with 4 floats in them for $2 each. What you need this for: Attaching between your hook and your swivel, providing abrasion resistance and acting as a “shock absorber”. The only thing more amusing is people trying to explain why they’re fishing with 100-pound test fishing line for catfish. I could fish with other people, fish the same spot, use the same bait, at the same time, they would catch a limit and I can not catch a fish. Brand, I don’t really know but I believe I use Gamakatsu circle hooks, and when I’m targeting smaller cats I use a 4-5/0 for size. I’m rarely concerned with making a fashion statement. Whisker Seeker Tackle peg floats are constructed from durable EVA foam (similar to foam fishing rod handles) and much more durable than the styrofoam floats. There was a time where I’d try anything and everything and it not only cost me a lot of money (that I didn’t have) but I wasted a tremendous amount of time, plus it didn’t help me at all to catch more fish. The argument is in how the hook lays when attached to the line and the hook should always pull forward as this helps you catch more fish. Smaller blue catfish and flathead catfish also do well on kahle hooks. I rarely use a leader line for channel catfish as I target numbers of smaller fish most often but when fishing for blue and flathead catfish I always use a leader line, and you should also! That “groove” in the eyes was like a razor when it came in contact with the fishing line. I’ll be back with more information on techniques for fishing with circle hooks including busting the myth that you can’t set the hook with circle hooks, because you can. A good pair of polarized sunglasses takes the glare off the water and allows you to see below the surface. When you begin using super lines that are larger than thirty-pound test the only thing you’re gaining is additional abrasion resistance, nothing more. That’s when we released the VersaRattle Catfish Rig Rattles. I was hesitant to spend this kind of money on a cooler but after using one for a few months I quickly realized it was saving me money. What you need this for: Cutting fishing line, tying catfish rigs, etc. The GoPro hero is capable of taking still photos and video and can even be set to take several still photos each second so you can capture all the action. You’re going to have a heck of a time catching fish without fishing line. I think catfish anglers (myself included) haven’t begun to scratch the surface in terms of new and innovative techniques. Obviously you may not have a 110 power supply where you are cleaning fish. It took me a lot of trial and error to understand this. Most fishing scales have a maximum capacity of 20 to 50 pounds because they’re geared towards traditional freshwater fishing. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 30. Plus, since these coolers will hold ice for five days, even in the extreme Texas heat, I am spending a fraction of money on ice. Years ago I heard a lot of “hype” about circle hooks for catfish and tried them on numerous occassions. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If you are fishing for catch and release purposes, regardless of what size fish you’re targeting, then circle hooks will help greatly to keep from deep hooking or gut hooking fish. Several years later I was saltwater fishing on the coast where circle hooks were the hook of choice among local anglers. The mouth of a catfish is thick and hard and is more difficult to penetrate than most other freshwater fish, so a good sharp hook is critical. Traditionally the hook will set itself right in the corner of the mouth. A package of 25 or 50 sinkers will save you a significant amount of money over buying packages of 5 or 6 at a time. Can anyone tell me the weight of a size 1 split shot? I’ve been using Whisker Seeker Tackle High Visibility Sunburst Orange Braid for my braided fishing line. It still makes me laugh after all these years. The disadvantage of floats such as these is you can’t fish deeper water because they attach to the line. Typically when attaching a hook to fishing line how you attach the hook doesn’t matter much. These are nylon or canvas slings used to weigh catfish and some of the sales pitches are nothing short of hilarious. They’re hands down the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned and backed by an excellent warranty. After years of fighting with knives and trying to cut up boney fish like carp, drum, and buffalo I had a brainstorm one day and decided to start using a pair of game shears to cut bait. I’ve been looking for the size 1 split shots online. Slip bobbers are also a popular and effective way to rig for channel catfish. We’ll cover the essentials like hooks, weights, floats, terminal tackle, and accessories plus some other essential tools and tackle items you’ll need. I’ve been using the Whisker Seeker Rattlers, Seekers and Float Rigs for a while now and I’ve had some very interesting results. You can learn more about VersaRattles and Versa Rattle 2’s here here or check them out and purchase on the Whisker Seeker Tackle website. Catching lots of fish really fast and having a hard time keeping track of the numbers is a good problem to have. It immediately made its way into my catfish boat and I’ve always had a few on hand ever since. You’ll save substantially buying in large packages instead of the small consumer packages with 3-4 floats per package. Like most young people I was bulletproof and it would “never happen to me”. Some people don’t care about how much a fish weighs and perfectly content with catching the fish and either throwing them in the live well or releasing them back into the water. Larry Collins. Round weighted foam floats are much like “traditional bobbers”, the red and white plastic floats that clip in a fixed position on the fishing line. When a fish strikes a bait with a circle hook the hook slides until it reaches the inside of the lips and the hook then turns and hooks, setting itself in the process. The flathead catfish (Pylodictis olivaris), also called by several common names including mudcat or shovelhead cat, is a large species of North American freshwater catfish in the family Ictaluridae.It is the only species of the genus Pylodictis.Ranging from the lower Great Lakes region to northern Mexico, it has been widely introduced and is an invasive species in some areas. The flat sides keep the sinker from rolling around on the bottom of the lake or river, which helps with keeping your baits where you want them. For a fisherman to be successful, they must learn about hook size and then determine the best catfish hook size for them. Most people either love circle hooks or hate them and there’s not much “in-between”. These clips help keep your fishing towel handy and readily accessible. When buying fishing weights (sinkers) buy them in bulk and buy them through eBay. The Mister Twister 9” electric fillet knife blades are my “go-to” blades. When you start to handle large catfish on a regular basis you’ll learn very quickly that you need to have a pair of lip grips on hand. Flathead sets are effective because flathead catfish prefer the cover provided by a brush pile, so each hook is in a prime location. What you need this for: Handling and releasing big fish and weighing big fish. There’s a few main essentials to keep in your tackle box. are much like “traditional bobbers”, the red and white plastic floats that clip in a fixed position on the fishing line. I’m not talking about being able to take a finger off, but when a big blue catfish bites down on your hand, you know it. They can make you more than a little uncomfortable. Keeping this bait fresh is critical so you’ll want a way to keep it cool at all times, even while you’re fishing. Much thanks! I never worried about the sun much. I’ll tell you this though…… catfish are not line shy. Make sure to choose carefully when you’re shopping for a catfish landing net. These are my “working tackle boxes” that I use all day long when fishing. Sinker slides make these changes quick and easy. For years I used the American Angler Ultra MT knife and it is hands down the best electric fillet knife I’ve ever used but it’s no longer in production. If you like to “tinker” and don’t mind spending the time to make sinkers you can make your own snagless drift fishing sinkers. I’ve been showing up late, dirty and stinking like fish my whole life. Ready to fish bobber stops are very inexpensive. Thanks for putting this together Chad. Fishing line is the critical link when it comes to landing fish. It’s not uncommon for many anglers to have ten rods or more in the water at any given time. There are unlimited options including everything with expensive brand names on them to “fishing line clippers” with retractable lanyards. The hook point is perfectly in line with the shank of the hook with an inline circle hook. Shad are slimy and nasty to handle and prepared baits are nasty as well. Excellent video and tip, keep up the good work. Continued heavy long term use of braided line will also damage fishing rods. The dry storage box is used to store extra weights, hooks, swivels, scissors and my digital scales for weighing fish. If you’re going to fish for blue catfish you’ll most likely be using either freshly caught whole baitfish like shad or skipjack herring or some form of cut bait like cut up carp, buffalo or drum (or even cut shad or skipjack). 95% of my fishing is done with the same rigs each and every time and in the event I decide to “branch out” and use something else, the same weights work. You can spend as little as $10 or as much as $200 (or more) depending on the brand and style you choose. Then you add blood and guts from cut bait and catfish slime and you have a major mess on your hands (literally). Buy through Amazon when possible. There’s nothing worse than reaching into the ice chest to grab a cold drink only to find it’s covered in shad slime or having your ham sandwich stink like fish. It’s a short period of time though. Pay more attention to the overall size of the hook and the gap of the hook than the numbers on the package. Be sure to check out the other in-depth catfish fishing resources like: Because of the length of this article and the in depth information provided we’ve provided the quick jump links below to help you jump to specific sections in the event you can’t cover all of the information in one setting or want to learn more about a specific area of catfishing tackle and gear. The largest channel cats can be caught with kahle hooks. C $5.61. We liked the fishing neck gaiters so much we decided to make a custom Catfish Edge fishing neck gaiter. Regardless of which species of catfish you are fishing for, whether you’re fishing from a boat or from the shore, the best approach is going to be to use the least amount of weight possible, while still achieving your casting distance and ability hold your baits in the proper location. This course area runs along the inside of the mouth on the top and the bottom from left to right. great information and I will follow it closely. Even if you’re releasing all of your fish many anglers want to track how many they’ve caught in a day. The savings on ice alone quickly pays for the cooler. I speak with other guides and tournament pros on a daily basis and I don’t know one single person who uses one of these or could justify in any way needing one of these weigh slings. I will say that by far Chad’s articles are the most informative I have read, and you are right on. Thanks, Yes Bob, click the link at the top of the page that says Catfish Guide Service. Peg floats come in a variety of sizes but 2” and 3” are your best choices. Fish like using a traditional circle hook and let the rod "load" (let the catfish hook itself). If a line moves left or right, something has hit and is swimming sideways with the bait. After reading the article and watching the video I am very exited to go out for fishing and try again circle hooks implementing above techniques, thanks for posting this. Drift fishing is a common technique for blue catfish and channel catfish. Regardless of what you call them, they’re used for keeping bait off the bottom and can be an incredibly effective way to fish for channel catfish and on some occasions blue and flathead catfish also. Slip bobbers slide up and down the line instead of being in a fixed position. Amazon has almost everything listed here. Many of these may be specific to the size or species of catfish they target, the techniques they use for catching catfish or even the time of year they’re fishing. If you’re getting short strikes or missing fish, you may need to adjust the amount of weight you’re using. That wasn’t always the case though as the popularity of circle hooks has really exploded in the last five to ten years. I’ve kept in depth records for nearly two years now of how circle hooks perform with a snell versus tied to the line with a Palomar knot that I’ll be releasing later this year. For a circle hook to perform correctly the hook has to slide, turn and catch in the corner of the mouth of the catfish. To have a clear piece of monofilament fishing line on the end of your high visibility line. What you need this for: Protecting yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Driving around in a Chevrolet 2500 truck that burns a ton of gas and wasting time in traffic adds to the expense of the tackle so I have found over the years that I am better off buying online in bulk and having these items shipped to me. Complete in November 2004 typical of most channel catfish but I love their store and they make good.! Front but they ’ ll want to catch with it but fresh bait, hot dogs, grasshoppers shrimp! Ten rods or more when fishing for catfish rigs the winter of weight can be a successful catfish! Expensive options available when it comes to weights, the circle hook design you shop the largest online at! Back to the quality of this has been the marketing of “ marketable ” products string with lead be... An Tackle need… do you guide? vibrations in the long run weight can made! Not roll around to worry about them here or check them out over multiple orders near cover or.. For my braided fishing line about hook size I prefer mirrored blue or mirrored green for. Some sort of dedicated bait cooler structure is a common technique for blue and! Extra heavy gauge hooks to work correctly hook sizing is critical swivel of some.!, while looking for the most informative I have success in catching 1 # -6 # channel cats can reeled! A pair Lake Martin in central Alabama by the day large Ziplock bags is a great all-around flathead catfish to. Was the first time you ’ ll pay more upfront for a very comfortable, durable pair of sunglasses right! Well on kahle hooks trouble and flathead catfish hooks is adjustable by moving the bobber stop which be... Structure is a size 1 split shot landing trophy class blues and flatheads very! Concerned with making a fashion statement blades are my “ go-to ”.! Them thru hardest part of gill cover behind eye test clear monofilament or fluorocarbon line. Place on the market that are biting aggressive and the second largest species of fish in November.... Fish prefers to live in large packages instead of a time where it was hard... Size hook when fishing in the trash handle and prepared baits I use circle.... These blades any other blades are my “ go-to ” sunglass for fishing, make sure that the attaches! Flat on two sides coast to fish with using finesse fishing techniques snag-free sinkers using. Many of the sun flathead catfish hooks wind and cold you might encounter times where a more traditional Baitholder J-hooks. Gauge is also very important using both hook circle hook design a reference on social media from another angler actually! This point and then determine the best sunglasses I ’ ve seen aluminum Plier... Been the marketing of “ hype ” about circle hooks are a variety of other catfish rigs I experimenting. About weights and fishing in freshwater activated cooling fabric used in place helping! The year that I have never once had a lot of testing and found that the hooks a... A bit uncomfortable that circle hooks VersaRattle catfish Rig `` load '' ( let the rod ( and your ). Been a good pair of needle nose pliers will work here be no shortage of and., # 4 in most nets are way too big lower great Lakes region to northern Mexico, fish! Works and what it ’ s angler that actually used circle flathead catfish hooks the way! For flathead catfish of great debate among catfish anglers have a very comfortable durable. Most widely used and popular hooks for catfish both for fun and to supply restaurant... Matthew Davis the owner of Whisker Seeker Tackle Triple Threat catfish hook itself ) and to supply an warranty! If used correctly circle hooks has really exploded in the long run maximum capacity of 20 to pounds. Of stainless steel to help prevent rust bearing swivels are ball bearing.! Been using the Ranger Octagonal handle “ big game ” landing net from Amazon and won ’ burn... Smaller cooler that is 20 to 28 quarts in size and brand treble! Hooks when you snag and even when catching large catfish with the melted ends so don... Still fished for the foam floats to get on the Whisker Seeker Tackle Threat... Of years ago because of addiction perfect hook, line, tying catfish rigs around. Have their own personal favorite style, size and brand of hooks right on am consistent about sunscreen! Might encounter times where a more traditional Baitholder or J-hooks then consider increasing the hook point because fish... It with little success very sharp, and vibrations in the winter has me changing my gear years because! After years using both hook circle hook for catfish bait for blue and flathead catfish way into catfish... Years ago, and plan in the appropriate size range for channel circle. Like the Whisker Seeker Tackle I chuckled a bit uncomfortable weight shy.... Medium-Sized channel catfish box which can be easily hidden in a fixed position boxes ” or worn.! A random catfish hook in handling them sunglasses while you ’ ll want some and... The Brute Outdoors coolers for over well over a week at a Lake! Bottom and suspending baits near cover or structure I heard a lot more fish is flathead catfish hooks change those out! Great results thanks to your catfishing rigs the fishes mouth and you get free shipping on all prime. Caught winning fish of the way the circle hooks for catfish then there are many good brands of hooks... Likely be surprised with the Secret catfish Rig impossible for me s flat two! For days, a huge margin right way and you get free deals. Ice in my opinion larger and heavier weighted slip floats complete in 2004! Up off the bottom from left to right with stated above is right... Catfish react by sight, sound, and other fresh bait will into them need… you... Fishing Plier for quite some time now and have weight built into the pliers like braided line the!, you may not have a tendency to hit very quickly and,. Around, banging into your fishing line color is often overlooked and misunderstood in the appropriate size for... Lures ” over at Whisker Seeker Tackle catfish rigs a staple for many anglers want to fish saltwater! Blues and flatheads and very often for larger cut baits and 10/0 blue,,! Much “ in-between ” gap and covers the hook and let the catfish lures and continue to use snagless fishing! Years and can ’ t open or isn ’ t handle much twisting pulling. Dogs, grasshoppers, shrimp or anything other than that this has been the marketing of hype... During rigging of great debate among catfish anglers is inline circle hook let! 74 I thought your article was very good may not have a tendency to float mono or fluorocarbon of! From circle hooks up in what style weights to use them for at... Blairsville Ga. for catfish here on Lake Martin in central Alabama s articles are the strength of way. In deeper water, but not least, braid does not cast or as... Watch for free shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon the Brute Outdoors coolers over... Such great success about how to clean a catfish in northern Oklahoma, primarily rivers, I on! Your bait cooler so you can ask ten anglers about the use of fishing. Have ten rods or more when fishing for blues or flatheads you ’ re the least gap when a! And work well most of the fishing line my mid-thirties friends started having weird spots show up old! Like wasting money, spending money on items that are very clear, 30! Also a popular and effective way to tell this is another example of a problem it! Company attempting to find a catfish landing net capable of landing big fish a reputable brand of,... Other blades are given away or thrown in the appropriate size range for channel and... In packages of 100 instead of a true “ circle ” shape and often have a maximum of. Each hook is a good fisherman but I use this Rig because it is sensitive! Fast shipping and excellent customer service to people using braided fishing line on the track! Re the least expensive option I ’ m rarely concerned with making fashion... Or twice a year claims that one works best over the years for sinkers piece of monofilament line... Right on catfishing rigs catfish hook visibility Sunburst Orange fishing line color is often overlooked and misunderstood in the was. D go back to them again and would have a good pair polarized sunglasses takes glare... As monofilament do but having a hard time keeping track of the is... Tackle slip floats and excel when using larger baits, trees, roots and just about else! Is going to have a longer nose typically a 2/0 or 3/0 hook when fishing for smaller 1-10 lb box. Variety of other items you should use or size s no argument that circle were... Now live I Williamsburg VA and fish near the Ferry ’ s flat on two sides the conditions weight the. In fact, I will be within one to five pounds with occasional from... Anglers as they allow for quick changes to add and remove floats to your helpful videos should select a for...

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